Opening Fri. Oct. 12, 6PM - 9PM

On view Oct. 13 + 14, 19 - 21, 12PM - 6PM

Featuring Eny Lee Parker, Hollister Hovey, Derrick Velasquez + Matthew Kirk

Kazimir Malevich :: Forms must be given life and the right to individual existence. 

Object // Totem is an exhibition in which paintings are considered in their totality and in which sculptural works have a humanized character. Here is an ambiguity in material distinction and hierarchy. No visual or material element serves as mere background to any other in placement or prominence, but instead, is an end in itself. In the interruptions of expectations, intersections of planes and assemblies of forms, components are equally present and formalized, composing a language of emblems that speak to both personal and modernist art histories.  

Matthew Kirk Crack in the Cave.jpg